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A fruity, flavourful product
launch for online sales

Bringing the fun, fresh, de-licious brand to the web to drive more engagement and encourage local shopping

Waterloo Brewing is the distributor of Seagram Coolers & Cider in Canada—which also happens to be Canada’s first-ever cooler. Using simple yet exceptional ingredients, Seagram’s goal is to keep life colourful. Waterloo Brewing came to us to help them bring the beloved Seagram Coolers & Cider brand to the web, enticing consumers to purchase locally by engaging with the products and brand online.

Before and after transformation


The Seagram team described their brand as cool, witty, and sharp—“stomping out stuffiness.” They know what’s trendy…but they also enjoy a good tea party (maybe filling their teacup with vodka instead). With Seagram being a storied name in Waterloo Region, we started thinking about how we could take something that’s been around for a long time and “make it cool again”. It had to be fruity, fun, tasty…vacation-y (think Island Time, Anytime).

The products Seagram sold were resonating mostly with females between the ages of 25 and 45. They wanted the website to change that perception and appeal to everybody.

Moodboard exploration

The website designs feature polaroid-style photography to recreate the feeling of vacationing with friends, bringing in product photography and fruits to get the viewers’ mouths watering. A small site with just 4 main pages, it’s bursting with “surprise-and-delight” moments like subtle colourful background transitions and hover effect animations that serve as the icing on the cake for the user experience.

original wildberry


white peach cider
Let's dish, shall we?
How can we help?

Surprise-and-delight interactive details


To drive more engagement with the Seagram brand, we added new pages and sections, including social media, promos, and “how-to-enjoy”-style copy that we love about the new Waterloo Brewing site (make no mistake: Island Time Anytime is to be enjoyed while dreaming of tropical vacations, wearing oversized sunglasses or squishing your toes in the sand).

We also added an About page with more info on the history of Seagram, as well as an FAQs page to help save time answering common questions. And the modular system we used to design the website via Contentful makes it a cinch for Seagram to update on their own.

The old website had only a “Where to Buy” feature that would take a user off the site to purchase.

Desktop landing page design

Mobile landing page designs


Seagram Coolers & Cider is officially on the internet, making big waves (pun intended) in the alcoholic beverage space and an even bigger name for themselves in Canada. Just through implementing a simple, high-quality Contentful website, Seagram has been able to generate more leads, more brand awareness, and more fun. We’ll drink to that!