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Bespoke development in the heart of KW

An inspired identity

Crafting a luxurious brand with sales enablement tools for a boutique development that celebrates a local icon.

When the client approached us with his love of a locally-famous swan OTIS, who resides across the street from the development, we knew that this swan had to play some part in the identity.

From identity design and sales enablement tools, to a strategic lead generation campaign, OTIS stands out. It was a unique opportunity to inject a whimsical aspect into the brand that would not only be beautiful, but memorable and effective.

Art at the forefront

Art was at the forefront of the brand, with a modern take on art-deco being the central inspiration. We erred on the side of simplicity so that it was elegant but flexible to support any imagery and illustration pairings. Imagery was core to the storytelling of the identity since OTIS—both development and swan—are located in historical Victoria Park.

Scenes from the park were lovingly hand painted with watercolours first and later extended into a series of vignettes highlighting life in a park using a hybrid of organic paint textures and digital collage.

A bespoke development deserved bespoke illustrations to bring OTIS to life faithfully.

Print materials

The artful approach extended into the print materials with the brochure taking the form of a hardcover coffee-table book, with a cover stock that had a canvas-like tactile quality to further elevate the illustrations.

Sales center presentation

The culmination of sales enablement tools was the outfit of the Downtown Kitchener Condo Culture location, where the space was taken over with architecural drawings, custom floorplan prints on wood panels, and of course, an oversized canvas print of the beloved OTIS and his girlfriend Ophelia.

The result

Much like OTIS the swan has left his mark on the hearts of Kitchener residents, this quiet little piece of luxury condo has left its mark on Victoria Park all the same. OTIS proved that luxury can have a little fun without short-selling the upscale lifestyle, and remains a favourite and memorable development brand to this day.